Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Urgent Telegram from Her Herbert

The following telegram was sent to blogger and we have posted it at the Bloggers request.
Blogspot tech support.

"Dear Bloggers. Stop. I am in exile somewhere in Tibet. Stop. Will relay adventure as soon as I can coerce a group of Sherpa to bear me down mountain. Stop. Cannot risk a mob from village at foot of mountain. Stop. It seems my fame has grown too much for their feeble souls. Stop. I may be torn from limb to limb in the fury. Stop. The monks have been kind. Stop. Minister's ploy thwarted. Stop. Vengeance will be swift. Stop. Have become a bit of a deity to monks as well. Stop. Temptations have been horrendous. Stop. Must stay pure. Stop. Very hard when being bathed thrice daily by local maidens. Stop. I am not dead. Stop. Hope your are the same. Stop."


Anonymous said...

got message stop will wait patiently for return stop

---Big Orange

Flannery Alden said...

Not dead yet stop.

Breathlessly awaiting your return stop.

Doc said...

Please return swiftly, as I can't hold my breath much longer.